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While it may sound all complex to rear fish, here, we take you down this process step by step to ensure that you are not only equipped but also motivated to start fish farming, and can achieve your goal.

01/ Land selection, Lab test and Layout drawing

Our team will request the client to submit the land information, in detail.

And, the status of power supply, drainage etc.

We will analyze the site situation. We shall create the probable site layout for the possibility of setting farm.

In this stage, laboratory testing for water and soil samples to be completed (soil, in case of pond culture).


Our team can offer you the service if you want.

03/ Client's concent to proceed

The technical site drawing and the detailed estimate will be sent to the client for his/her consideration and approval.

05/ Tank or Pond Setup

Now we are equipped fully to set up the farm.

Our team will prepare the tank or pond (Tarpaulin or Cemented) and install all the accessories to run the system smoothly.

We will also take care of Mechanical/Electrical system work.

07/ Water Preparation

We are now ready to prepare water for our culture.

Our Bio-chemical engineer (Mr. Goutam Roy) will provide the work instruction which should be followed step by step for better understanding and to prepare water appropriately for fish culture.

09/ Project Documentation

Base-on the activities at the site, our team will give a report to our office and we will make the report in the specified manner or format.

Finally, the report will be sent to the client for his/her use or ref.

02/ On paper - detail estimate

Once the site drawing is ready we will create the detailed estimate or BOQ of the project.

In the estimate, you shall find all information, in detail.

04/ Material availability at site

Availability of the materials can happen -

A. By the client
B. By the consultant

06/ Verification by Client

The client now can visit the site to get him confidence to see the excution of the work as planned.

08/ Introduce Fingerlings

When the water is ready - our team will sanitize the fingerlings to introduce to the main tanks or pond.

Our team will also guide the client - how to take care of the fingerlings at the early days.

Log book proforma has to be given to record the day to day activity and different process parameter for better culture.

10/ Hand Over to Client

Now we shall hand over the project, to run, to the designated, trained staff deputed by the client.

Our technical guidance will be continued throughout the first season. Thereafter, it will be the client discretion to engage us as technical advisor.

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