A total list of accessories and important information you need to set up Biofloc fish farm.

#Biofloc technology is a technique of enhancing water quality in aquaculture through balancing carbon and nitrogen in the system.

List of Accessories:-

Main Requirements

  • PVC Tarpaulin/Cement Tank

  • Wire Mesh for Tarpaulin Tank

  • Air Pump/Ring Blower

  • Probiotic (Transpower, Everfresh, Prozyta etc)

  • Test Kits (TDS, pH, NO2, NO3, DO, Salinity etc)

  • Mixed Accessories (Air Oxy Tube, Connector, Bubble Stone, Raw Salt, molasses, CaCo3 etc)

  • Feed (CP, Anmol, Ganga Kaveri etc)

  • Seed (Species such as shrimp and tilapia have physiological adaptations that allow them to consume Biofloc and digest microbial protein, thereby taking advantage of Biofloc as a food resource. Nearly all Biofloc systems are used to grow shrimp, tilapia, or carps)

  • Medicines (including minerals)

Additional Requirements

  • Outlet pipe (SWR Pipe)/UPVC of 3" diameter with fittings

  • Plumbing fittings for water supply

  • Roof shade arrangement

  • Foam sheet (To use in between Tarpaulin and GI wire mesh and also for Tarpaulin bottom surface and base)

  • Nylon wire to tie

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You need accurate information and its important to set up Biofloc fish farm and to be able to get a good profit from the business. You can not succeed without this know-how.

You should get the training from and only from an experienced Biochemical Engineer. Do not modify the engineering, it is already tested in the labs.

  • Basics of Aquaculture

  • Basics of Biofloc Technology (BFT)

  • Water Analysis or Lab Test

  • Water Preparation

  • Aeration System

  • Tank Setup

  • Seed Selection for Culture

  • Feed Selection and System

  • Biosecurity

  • Disease Management and Growth

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Hope this will help. But, we always urge to consult with Biochemical Engineer and then take any decision.

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