Bio-mimicry & maintenance of C/N ratio.

Higher growth was observed when protein levels in the BFT based shrimp culture system were reduced as optimum C:N ratio converts/regenerate microbial flocs/protein (Avnimelech, 1999)

( Source: The research work of Dr. K Panigrahi, Principal Scientist, CCID, ICAR-CIBA)

BFT has many advantages over the traditional way of fish/prawn growing because it is able to control the external environment and a potential gain on feed expenses (the efficiency of protein utilization is twice as high in biofloc technology systems when compared to conventional ponds), making it a low-cost sustainable constituent to future aquaculture development. The strength of the BFT lies in its ‘cradle to cradle’- concept, in which nothing is wasted. The conversion of uneaten feed, excreta and urine from the fish/prawn into proteinaceous feed is a wonderful example of recycling and reuse & we can co-relate one of the nine principles mentioned by Professor Jennie M. Benyus, Co-Founder of Biomimicry Organisation, USA, and the author of the book "BIOMIMICRY"

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